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Rural Innovation Center Enterprising (RICE)

What is The Rural Innovation Center ?

We provide impoverished individuals with access to experimental workshops where ideas can be tested, developed, and launched in rural Indian villages. This is facilitated through the use of financing, volunteering, business mentoring, championing of local consumers, and soft technologies. Innovation centers will generate eco-friendly, energy efficient solutions

How We Have Already Transformed a Village ?

We have transformed a local village in Lakhikantapur by enabling village inhabitants to develop marketable skills and create a self-sustaining ecosystem - this has all been enabled through microfinance loans. Kapil Mandal set a goal years ago to create a transformation from the base of the socio-economic pyramid without foreign aid. We are now taking the success we have found and attempting to further develop and apply it on a larger scale.Experience a great project on Rural Innovation Center with Professor Partha Ghosh Experience an interview with Professor Partha Ghosh

How you can Help ?

The Boston Pledge is looking for help in raising the necessary funds for launching this initiative - please see Make an Impact. You do not have to just donate to make an impact, however...

You Are The Catalyst

The initiatives are in place, it is you, the successful non-resident, the native entrepreneur, the government worker, the computer engineer, the cardiology surgeon, the corporate legal counsel, that should put forth that thrust to make a difference - to transform the lives of millions and enable mutual prosperity.

Expertise Integration

The volunteer effort will be enormous - Contribution is available in as many ways as there are pebbles on the beach. Is your expertise in motivational speaking? In business relationships? In phone calls and telemarketing? In geologic sampling? In chemical engineering? In acting or stagelighting? In computers or networks? All talents can be realized from marketing communications to managerial implementation skills. Beyond time commitment, donation to the effort, word of mouth referrals, membership, even putting a bumper sticker on your car are ways to contribute. Short term, long term, and lifetime commitments can be from hours per month to full day and week schedules, depending on functionality. There is nowhere that anyone cannot contribute to a selfless and invigorating cause.

For Whom Do These Gears Turn?

The involvement focus is on anyone interested in the revitalization of a majestic culture. The empowerment of this region of Asia will bring to the forefront the harbinger of prosperity. Imagine the effects of the modernization of Calcutta rivaling the technological, cultural, and societal marvels of Boston or San Francisco. Imagine a talent pool garnered from abroad, the dedication to generate a better life, a better way of living for those in the homeland. Would not such a feat open your eyes? Would you not be excited to see such an effort come to fruition?

Personal Value

The rewards are reaped daily. Associating with a generous cause advances you in social status. You can gain respect, satisfaction, time productivity, connections, contacts, self-actualization, and even financial rewards. The Boston Pledge is dedicated to a professional and successful cause. You become free to drive towards your envisioned goals as a volunteer. You have input in the direction of a global Renaissance, contributing at the base level. Contribute today! You have the freedom to contribute anything, your time, your knowledge, your passion, your energy, your money, your skills, your talents. The engine has started, the bridge is being built.