Water – General content about this precious resource

Water and Air are two very precious resources where it goes without saying that human life survival depends on them. Humans and other life forms exist on this planet the Earth owing to the presence of these precious substances. Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms are parts of all basic foods and bodies of all life forms here and the humans like Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats.

Both these resources need to be preserved in good form and quantity to ensure good health of the progeny. The humans with their better understanding as compared to animals have lot of responsibility for this on their shoulders. The pollution of Air and Water should be limited as much as possible. Water’s preservation is more in control of the common public as compared to Air. The natural equilibrium of Water can be maintained with the valuable help & support from the humans where even children can be taught to keep a life style that promotes good recycling of water and its optimum use preventing any undue wastage.

In third world countries in Africa and even India often the water resources and their maintenance is not so well under human control causing draughts or floods often. Plus the sanitation conditions are also not so good because of which dirty water is not properly always & everywhere well drained thus causing breeding of mosquitoes and many other germs which is a health hazard for all.

All this can be prevented by better education of the people and the masses as well as the authorities to keep a check on all this. We have to make sure that good quality Water is available for all in the future and forever. In this Entrepreneurs can play a big role by leading the campaigns for the balance of Water in the nature.