As we move into the new millennium, the world, in spite of powerful technologies and extraordinary precedents in socio-economic development in different regions, confronts an increasing disparity between developed and less developed nations.

It is our belief that while governments and institutions such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, United Nations, and others continue finding ways to transcend political boundaries to address socio-economic development issues, the power of the people can supersede such influences.

Birth of Boston Pledge:

The Boston Pledge was born after the seminal NABC 2001 conference in Lowell, just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. The Renaissance seminar was one of the major econo-cultural tracks hosted at the event. The three-day seminar series drew Indians from all walks of life to rekindle their spirits and create new vibrancy surrounding the revitalization of Bengal, a state in India.

The series of in-depth analyses and discussions refreshed old minds and inspired young ones to set in motion the gears to trigger creation of a new, enterprising state.

The seminars effectively brought speakers together in hours of debate, questioning, appraising, and envisioning the purposes of philanthropy - Why man sought to help...