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Securing Workforce Advantage in Building Smarter and Agile Organization: Unlocking the Power of Inner-self to Influence Positive Outcomes at a Human resource summit meeting, Budapest, Hungary, November 2015

The Next Big Thing: Leader as an Innovator in the 21st Century at the Off-Shore Technology Conference, Houston, Texas May 2015

Addressing the two significant droughts of the 21st century: Leadership and Water at The Boston Pledge Annual meeting at the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Medford, MA on December 20th 2014

Advancing the Promise of Inner Power to Power the 21st Century Leadership Qualities at Cutrogli Business School Conference on ART of HR at Dubrovnik, Croatia November 2014

Leadership in the 21stCentury: Activating the Power within, Aligning with the Possibilities Ahead,May 2014, Dell-Harvard Pilgrim Leadership workshop, May 2014, Weston, MA

Advancing the Promise of Emerging Leaders: In Search of a New Paradigm? at Schlumberger HR Conference in Paris December 2013

Leadership in the 21st Century: Uncovering the Power within ~ Fusing Eastern and Western Philosophical constructs. Bahrain in February 2012

The “X” ism = New Capitalism: The Role of Middle East in the Global Economy, Keynote address at Bahrain organized Young Arab Leaders Association March, 2009

Enabling bottom up Entrepreneurship to meet Ecology, Energy and Equity challenge. Bengal National Chambers of Commerce and Industry December in Calcutta, India, December, 2008 Managing Innovation with a strategic Mind at Indira Institute of Management & Globalization & strategic Problem Solving - at Indira Institute of Management December at Pune, India December, 2008 “Responding to the Current Economic Meltdown: Possibilities beyond current (isms) - Chambers of Commerce on December 2008, at Aurangabad, India “Taking Holistic Approach in Shaping Higher education in the 21stcentury”: A Key note address at the Indian Chambers of Commerce at Mumbai December 2008 “Power of bottom of Bottom up Entrepreneurship in Building a Nation” at IIT Kharagpur December 2008 “Magic of MBA in the 21st Century” organized by the Times of India and a few New educational Institutes in Calcutta, St. Xaviers College December 2008 “Facing the Current Economic Crisis: Towards a New State Consciousness” The Boston Pledge , Bentley College, Waltham Massachusetts, December 2008

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