Fifteenth Conference - 2016

TOPIC: Is education at the point of inflection ?

Past Events


Thirteenth Annual Event 2014

Leadership & Future of Water


Twelfth Annual Event: 2013

Inspiration from the Base of the Pyramid


Eleventh Annual Event: 2012

Making Vedic Philosophy Work


Tenth Annual Event: 2011

Sustainability, Technology and Humanity: The Promise of Universal Conscience


Ninth Annual Event: 2010

Paying it Forward: Harnessing the Power of Micro movements


Eighth Annual Event: 2009

Practicing Green: Transitioning to New World of Sustainable Opportunities


Seventh Annual Event: 2008

Innovation During the Global Crisis


Sixth Annual Event: 2007

Enterprising for Rural Development e


Fifth Annual Event: 2006

Being in harmony with culture of the local at the base of the Pyramid


Fourth Annual Event: 2005

In the Beginning is Desire


Third Annual Event 2004

Committing to bottom up Entrepreneurship


Second Annual Event 2003

Coming to terms with an Emerging Global Crisis: Arsenic in Drinking Water


First Annual Event: 2002

Realizing your inner power through public service