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Partha S. Ghosh, a true global citizen, is a policy advisor and a strategist for Corporates and Governments. He is known worldwide as an innovator of Business and Economic models and currently enjoys advisory relationships with multiple organizations in more than half a dozen nations. He helps boards of companies to be strategically more effective and corporate governance more trustworthy. In the last thirty-five years as a professional consultant to leaderships of prestigious organizations worldwide, he has been involved in a broad spectrum of strategic and policy issues in technology based industries. He has done extensive work to assess strategic and technology issues in the Energy Industry, both conventional and emerging renewable systems.

Partha Ghosh believes that in the next 25 years the world economy will undergo profound changes which civilization has never experienced before. Industries and governments will need to reinvent the basic tenants of capitalism implying fundamental transformation of industry and economic models. He passionately advocates that through forward looking strategic and organization models, MNCS could uniquely lead the Global Renaissance. Working with leaders of MNCs the basic question he wishes to address is that - could leaderships of MNCs rekindle the spirit of exploration and bottom up excitement to draw people towards a higher-level purpose increating new knowledge intensive business models and industries in the 21st century. He thinks if the will is there, a transformed eco friendly and energy efficient world, which is more equitable, is indeed within the realm of possibility.

His clients view him as a “creative problem solver” and a “visionary leader.” More recently he has been teaching Globalization & Economics at Tufts Gordon Institute, Innovation & Strategic Technologies at the Fletcher School, and Leadership at MIT. Earlier Mr. Ghosh was a partner at McKinsey & Company and is the founder/Managing director of Strategy/Policy advisory firm Partha S Ghosh & Associates. He has two advanced Engineering and Management degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He did his undergraduate work at Indian Institute of Technology. An avid public servant, he is one of the founding members of The Boston Pledge, and is involved with multiple philanthropic initiatives around the world. Given his wide range of interests from education reforms, philosophy, international relationships, science & engineering, business & economics, country management, public service, and his experience across cultures and industries, people who know him well, describe him as “modern day renaissance man”.

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    • Select Keynote/Invited Speeches at major forums Worldwide’ Covers a wide range of issues from Technology to Theology, from Ethics to Engineering, Macro to Micro Economy, Nation Building to Global Integration.

    • Practising the Art & Science of “Self Regenerative Organization”: Capturing the New Possibilities in a Probabilistic Environment atCutrogli Business School Conference on ART of HR at Dubrovnik, Croatia November 2014
    • Advancing the Promise of Inner Power to Power the 21St Century Leadership QualitiesatCutrogli Business School Conference on ART of HR at Dubrovnik, Croatia November 2014
    • Advancing IQ Dynamics of Organizations: Technology, People and Business Processes, AAPG Annual conference at Istanbul,Turkey, September 2014
    • Leadership in the 21St Century: Activating the Power within, Aligning with the Possibilities Ahead,May 2014, Dell-Harvard Pilgrim Leadership workshop, May 2014, Weston, MA
    • Advancing the Promise of Emerging Leaders: In Search of a New Paradigm? at Schlumberger HR Conference in Paris December 2013
    • Advancing the Promise of Global Conscience: In search of Paradigm Shift at Global Knowledge Conference organized by a consortia Universities at The Suffolk University, November 1st 2013, Cambridge, MA
    • Stimulating bottom up Innovation at the Base of the Pyramid at the Annual Conference of The Boston Pledge at MIT September 15th 2013, Cambridge, MA
    • Visioning the Role of China in the Emerging Global Economy at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China on September 10th 2013
    • Strategic Imperatives for Japan in Post Tsunami Recovery at the Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan July 2013
    • Exploring the New Frontiers of Human Conscience Beyond 3/11: Japan & The World in An Uncertain Environment, Japan Roundtable Hitachi Center at The Fletcher School
    • How Competitive is your Power to Influence Innovative outcomes? at Schlumberger Energy Leadership forum, Paris, France December 2012
    • Making Vedic Philosophy work: Innovation Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid at The Boston Pledge Annual conference at The Fletcher School on Nov 2012
    • Leadership in the 21st Century: Uncovering the Power within ~ Fusing Eastern and Western Philosophical constructs. Bahrain in February 2012

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