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The Boston Pledge Digital

Given the vast challenges humankind is facing, and the limited resources at hand, TBP is introducing the Digital Initiative to transform the...
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Entrepreneurship Springboard Platform

The Boston Pledge Belief 1: The challenge of limited resources could be a basis for economic revolution. The Boston Pledge Belief 2:...
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Rural Innovation Center Enterprising

We provide impoverished individuals with access to experimental workshops where ideas can be tested, developed, and launched in rural Indian villages. This...
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Sixteenth Annual Conference

Join Capital IIT, WHEELS Global Foundation and George Mason University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship for: Innovation Unbound:Introducing The Boston Pledge Digital...
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Education is a word that conjures up images of smiling and laughing children. Education is so important in today’s world that the...
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Environment is all around us. Its preservation and maintenance is of utmost importance for the survival of all life forms on the...
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