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Given the vast challenges humankind is facing, and the limited resources at hand, TBP is introducing the Digital Initiative to transform the underprivileged world and create opportunity for all. One of the driving factors of the digital initiative is the ubiquity of the smart phones and broader availability of the Internet that helps even the underprivileged parts of the world to connect and access important developmental resources for progress and growth. TBP sincerely believes that the biggest factor of driving progress is the knowledge and desire to make this world a better place and feels that the digital channel can be leveraged to stimulate development, progress and growth around the

This document outlines the strategic plan for the TBP Digital Initiative, which will run from 2017-2020. The goals of this initiative are below

Connect with the underprivileged by developing a strong digital presence through The Boston Pledge website, social media platforms and other online channels

  • Exchange ideas and inspire leadership by developing an online community
    where young people can come together and solve the biggest challenges of our
    society (through online discussion forums and exchange of ideas).
  • Encourage development of leadership, academic, literary and artistic skills by
    conducting online workshops and competitions.
  • Utilize the online channels to conduct research to identify root causes of societal
    and governmental under performance and help channel developmental resources
    and priorities in the right direction.


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