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Be A Volunteer

We need you.

Who can apply the program?

Our volunteers include people from a wide range of backgrounds, – students and faculty from academia,professionals representing different skill sets from different industries who offer their time, intellect, spirit of public service and above all their spirit to serve complex and difficult issues.

As a member of TBP we put highest level of commitment in managing our communication style, our language – verbal and nonverbal, our expressions –vocal or silent. Through this process we ensure our effectiveness with each other, and our effectiveness as an individual and as a group with the world outside, we continually work towards building high quality team work, aim to build our goodwill, in turn continually enhance our effectiveness with the mission we serve:

Basic assumptions/principles:

  • Volunteering has to be inspired (not imposed) and we will only attract people towards TBP through its good work – however small and/or insignificant a specific act may be to the outside world
  • Our mission is to do good to society, which we could only deserve to be part of, when we are good to each other and the outside world (however unwelcoming the out side world may be towards TBP)
  • Those who may not connect with TBP mission should be treated with as much (if not more) reverence as we do towards each other
  • We will always respect and look up to all other forms of public service (never feel competitive)
  • We manage every interface with fundamental belief that God resides in every individual
  • We place quality in our work, and excellence in our standards of quality above any form of popularity

Behavioral guidelines/ground rules:

  • Honesty and Integrity of discipline of harmony (timing)
  • Power of cheer leading
  • Energy of positive adjectives and adverbs
  • Power of silence
  • Beauty of multiple perspectives
  • Putting tasks above personal egos

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