Leadership Quotes by Prof Partha Ghosh:

      1.   "...With egos outside and divine within the possibilities are limitless...."

      2.   "...How much good we could do is only limited by how far our vision could stretch and how much courage we could draw from our inner self..."

      3.   "...We only get to know who we are when we immerse ourselves to uncover paths with unknown twists and turns, always being open to those inspiring churns..."

Global Leaders Accolades:

   Dr. Jerry Brightman - 2011 Conference

         "We stand on the threshold of trying economic times – but times from which some brilliant thinking is beginning to emerge especially from the variety of Micro movements we are seeing in the world today. At times like this we should heed the words of Albert Einstein who is quoted as saying that the problems we face today cannot be solved with the same type of thinking that existed when the problem arose……It is not necessarily what our collective vision is – but what the collective vision does."....

    Dr. Raj Sisodia - 2010 Annual Conference

          "People have evolved to a higher consciousness, and business must keep pace or further lose the public trust and continue to cause damage to the planet and to society. A new paradigm for business, called Conscious Capitalism, offers a hopeful way forward, creating financial, societal and other forms of wealth while offering greater meaning to their employees."

    Jeffrey Sachs - 2010 Annual Conference

          "In my view, there is an urgent need to communicate with the public and help to explain where there is consensus, and where are there doubts about the issues of sustainable development"

    Pamela Goldberg - 2010 Annual Conference

          "In this rapidly changing global climate, we need to find new technologies that will help stem the tide. The technologies alone are insufficient to address changing climate needs. We need to develop and inform business leaders into environmental advocates and leaders to grow the environmental economy. "